Crisis Adverted... For Now

You gotta love surprises, right? I mean they are supposed to be fun and whimsical; alleviate tension and improve your state of being to a much happier and joyous state.

Not when there are 3 days left until a race...

So you know those wheels that came with the Camaro, the ones that are supposed to be 16"? Oh yeah, they aren't. Don't worry though, there is no way to measure their actual diameter until you have purchased a small country's GDP worth of racing tires and you go to mount them. Thanks a lot GM, you guys are swell.

Luckily Pat was able to use his internet ninja skills and found us a second set, a backup set if you will, of wheels from Craigslist about a month ago. Looks like the B set is being called up to the big dance.

Unless we can find another 16" rim we are going to be running at Reno without a spare. That's just asking for trouble.

I'm pretty sure this car is going to kill me.

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