One Step Forward, Two Steps Back...

Good news everyone, the exhaust is 90% complete. After realizing my crucial mistake regarding the new and apparently necessary exhaust rules I have been hard at work chopping and welding my way through the scrap and fabricating a new exhaust. After the smoke cleared and I made sure that I wasn't on fire, we are now running DUAL EXHAUST!

As I was installing the new exhaust I realized several things:
  1. I CAN WELD! I'm like the Fabio of welding. Flock to me women! Flock!
  2. I am not a good welder and any attempts on my part to inflate my skills should be promptly responded to by a slide show of these welds.
  3. We still need "professional exhaust hangers", whatever that means
While I still was basking in the glory of my accomplishment, Pat suggests to fire up the motor and hear how awesome it sounds. Sure, no problem. The engine issue as you might remember was solved like a month ago when Eric and Pat came over and performed a Voodoo ritual to get the beast to run. I hop in the car and turn the key - the wipers start moving back and forth but nothing close to resembling turning over an engine happens... this can't be a good sign. I depress the clutch and try again with the same result.

You have got to be kidding me. 12 days until we are supposed to load this bastard on the trailer and haul it to Fernley and it stops working?! And why in God's name are the WIPERS in the on position when the car is supposed to be running?! Is that car code for screw you?

Anyone got a good exorcist on speed dial?


Mandaline said...

Oh my god, dude. That's just crazy. I hope you can still make it to LeMons! If not, then you've got a head start on the next race.

NAN said...

So tell me, are anonymous donations to your cause considered outside the $500 cap for your project?

Count me in as a silent donor.

Love Mom