Demonic Details

Having fixed up most of the important stuff, (new roll cage bar, new numbers) we've started working on the little things. Little awesome things. Aaron took the time to meticulously tape off the cow on our road sign hood scoop.

Dave bent it into shape using only the finest tools available. Solidly done gentlemen. We've also got glowing eyes!

We also replaced our speedometer cable, since it was completely melted in the last race. Here's a video of us testing it out:

Sadly, the cable didn't work, but still fun for me. Is it November yet?


Anonymous said...

Roadsign hoodscoop! I swear I've seen that somewhere before...

King Weston said...

Thats a pretty 1-legger.

At least you've got video evidence for when the judges claim you're sneaking in an LSD.

You guys pumped yet?

Anonymous said...

You guys are gonna be at Infineon right????